The Importance of Authenticity for Business Success


“Remember to be authentic in everything you do.”

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and no one way is the correct way of doing business. 

Sure, we all want to make an impact – but success shouldn’t come at the expense of integrity. Nor should we have to hide behind a mask or adopt another’s way of doing things.

That’s not to say we can’t appreciate what someone else is doing, their leadership style and attitude to work. If their approach is genuine and honest, we do appreciate it. But we have our own style, and it’s no less authentic. 

Authenticity in business has become the gold standard for leadership, and staying true to ourselves gives substance to our messages. 

Our business interactions are no different to our personal ones – both require understanding, and being authentic lays the foundations for relationships based on trust. To back that up, a study in the Journal of Counseling Psychology found that more authentic people report having better relationships with others and more personal growth.

Authenticity as the Key to Success

Importance of authenticity in business

Imagine asking another person, a colleague perhaps, to describe you. What do you think they’d say? Is their answer close to how you see yourself?

Authentic people are self-aware. You need to be certain about your values and objectives and clearly articulate your intentions to others. This clarity of output and alignment between message and messenger yields trust. You’ll be staying true to yourself, and others will admire that.

Authentic people are self-reflective. When we achieve a clear alignment between our values and our behaviour, we know when our actions fall short. This acknowledgment that we need to try harder allows us to course correct to get back in alignment.

Authentic people are honest with themselves. What drives you and gives you the energy to pursue success? Be honest about your goals and what difficulties stand in the way of achieving them. 

Success involves being proactive in your work and confident in your decision making. Authenticity here acts as a guide, as everything you do will reflect your values and where you want to go.

Staying True on Social Media

Social media is a powerful force in business whether we like it or not. Latest stats show that 93% of marketers worldwide use social media for business.

Sadly, a large percentage of those are unscrupulous characters doing just about anything for money. So how best to approach social media?

Anonymity may be an option – as is boycotting social platforms altogether.

But social media can be a powerful tool. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube amplify communications, helping us reach people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to our message.

Conversely, social tools can accelerate the spread of misleading or inaccurate information, and the effects can be devastating. 

The best course of action may be to accept that once our message is out there, it’s up for interpretation. Others can use it as they wish. So much better then to post something you’re proud of and genuinely believe in.

If we are to use social platforms to further our message, it’s crucial that we remain authentic to build credibility. By being genuine and transparent, we forge deeper connections with our audience. 

Authenticity Is a Journey

Thought of as a journey, authenticity involves a constant back and forth with ourselves. We grow in self-awareness through experience – both in understanding what matters to us and in how we project that passion to others.

Sometimes in our working lives we feel pulled in many directions – and acting authentically feels risky. But these are precisely the risks that so many successful leaders have taken. They understood that the discomfort would only be temporary and that, in the long run, it would be personally and professionally beneficial to stay true to themselves.

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