Have you ever asked yourself what your biggest achievement has been in the whole time you’ve been running your business?

What is the amazing piece of work you achieved, the top tier client you worked with or the outstanding transformation you created?

Once you’ve thought of something, ask yourself these questions:

  • What enabled you to achieve it?
  • What mindset were you in?
  • Who were you being?
  • What were you doing?
  • What helped you to lead up to that achievement?

Now ask yourself this – how often do you do all those things together, in your day-to-day working life?

Imagine what you could achieve if you used all the above elements. You could do anything. And this is where your mindset to drive growth comes in as you just need focus, preparation and the right attitude to be at your best.

Sound easy?  Well, if you apply some simple maths, it could be.

The Power of One

When you do anything to the power of something, it means you multiply it by itself that number of times. So, if you’re not increasing your effort levels you will always stay the same.

                    1^365 = 1

But, if you were to increase your efforts by 1 per cent more, imagine what you could achieve:

                    (1.01)^365 = 37.8

That little extra creates almost 38 times the result. So, if you did a 1 per cent improvement every day for a year, you would end up with almost 38 times more results. Which is quite powerful.

                  (0.99)^365 = 0.03

Interestingly, if you do 1 per cent less, you end up with diddly squat. Just a tiny little bit less effort or focus gets you almost nothing. Which is quite shocking.

So, you need to ensure you are in to maintain consistency because if you only do it weekly or monthly, you’ll get this:

                  1% more – every Week (1.01)52 = 1.7

                  1% more – every Month (1.01)12 = 1.1

And that just doesn’t get you the same impact, in fact, it’s barely worth the effort. What we realise from this is it’s the power of consistently doing something extra every day that really has an impact.

What Daily Practices or Habits Could You Focus On

How do you measure 1 per cent of your work? You need to decide what extra looks like in your working life. The philosophy here is incremental little pushes every day.

To keep you motivated you need to envision what you want in your business to become almost 38 times better. This will give you the energy to maintain your consistency.

The Principles of Leverage

Now the key to success is to recognise this is a multiplication of effort. You need to keep building on your efforts which can be hard after any length of time. A way to overcome this is to look at how you can leverage and automate some of your efforts. Think about how you can leverage systems, processes or other people by delegating to keep moving forward.

Developing a 1% Mindset

If you’re going to constantly improve your work by 1 per cent, you need to aim to be within the 1 per cent elite mindsets. But how do you do that?

You need to develop through each of these stages:

  • Be a learner – be open to new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of doing things, have creativity and proactivity
  • Be a performer – action what you’re learning, be honest about where you can improve, have integrity to take action on things you can improve and be authentically you
  • Be a high performer – be a massive action taker, be resilient, be persistent, be patient
  • Become part of the 1 per cent elite – be consistent, control your choices and be happy to say no so you don’t dilute your choices, take ownership, accountability and responsibility

When you look at those who have a 1 per cent elite mindset to drive growth, you see recurring patterns of behaviour that include massive self-belief, laser focus, drive, dedication, feedback and review.

To move yourself towards having a consistent 1 per cent elite mindset, focus on the aspects that you want to improve in your business that will drive performance. And ask yourself every day what the decisions are that you will need to make that day to achieve 1 per cent more.

And there you have it – seven ways to develop the Power of One mindset.