How do You Value Your Business?

The Value Builder System™ is a statistically proven method for calculating the value of your business and then determine which are the right factors to work on to increase this value.

For your company to be valuable, even sellable one day, there’s a lot more to consider than just the bottom line. If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you assume the value of your company will be determined by your industry and its size. While size matters, there are actually seven other factors that impact the value of your company more than your industry.

In fact, after analysing more than 30,000 businesses, The Value Builder System™ has discovered that getting these seven factors right can lead to acquisition offers that are more than twice the industry average.

  • Will customers continue buying from you?
  • Are you too dependant on a key team member or a key customer?
  • Could your company survive if you were away for a week?

Whether you intend to keep growing your business, sell it or pass it onto others, it’s important to understand what drives up or undermines your companies value. That’s where the Value Builder Score comes in. It’s a system designed to show you how your business is really going and can identify those areas which can be silently dragging down your companies value. The algorithm is formulated using quantitative research gathered from more than 30,000 successful business owners and the mergers and acquisitions professionals who represent them.

Score showing how much your business is worth


Take 13 minutes to fill out the Value Builder Score questionnaire.

You will instantly receive your score out of 100.


Once completed, Helen will create a custom report to be discussed during a One on One consultation. The report will discuss why your score is what it is along with some suggestions for improving your score.

When you are ready to take action, we will set up further One on One consultations to plan and carry out the steps needed to increase your companies value.

This process is confidential and designed to help businesses of all kinds and at all stages. We discovered that those with a Value Builder score of over 80 received offers over 71% higher than the average business. As your business coach, Helen will use the Value Builder methodology to help you improve the value of your business. Whether that is to take it to a sale, or just to know that you can.

So, fill out the value builder score questionnaire now and immediately find out how your business is performing!


Take the 13-minute survey to get your Value Builder Score out of 100

Companies with a score of 80+ typically get offers that are 71% higher than average scoring businesses.

Value Builder Score – Explainer Video