The following business coaching webinars are by Helen on her own or with local partners in the High Wycombe, Marlow and surrounding areas. Above all, an especial thank you to Loch Associates Group, PINK SEO.Marketing, Seymour Taylor, Cerub PR, NFU and Crisp Digital for contributing their knowledge to these business education webinars for SMEs.

How to Unblock The 5 Barriers To Truly Effective Teamwork

Category:  Business Growth
Date:         19th January 2024

How to Keep Your Business thriving in a Recession

Category:  Business Growth
Date:         24th February 2023

6 Steps to Building Resilience into Your Business

Category:  Business Growth
Date:         7th July 2022</>

7 Essentials to Retaining Your Team Members

Category:  Employee Engagement
Date:         7th June 2022

Building Resilience in Sport, Life and Business

Category:  Personal Development
Date:         4th May 2022

6 Steps to Building a Business That Can Work Without You

Category:  Management
Date:         9th March 2022

How To Set Up Your Team For Success in 2022


Category:  Management
Date:         28th January 2022

How to Successfully Recruit in Today’s Job Market


Category:  Management
Date:         17th November 2021

How to Make Flexible Working Arrangements Work for the Employer AND the Employee


Category:  Management
Date:         9th September 2021

5 Essentials of Running Successful Hybrid Business Meetings


Category:  Management
Date:         10th August 2021

Get More Customers to Find Your Business Using SEO

Category:  Inbound Marketing
Date:         16th July 2021

How to Create a Repeatable Sales Pipeline


Category:  Marketing, Sales
Date:         19th May 2021

Gain Control of  Your Time, Team & Money

Category:  Inbound Marketing
Date:         23rd April 2021

Oscar Hearnden – INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO on How to Optimise Google My Business

Category:  Inbound Marketing
Date:         9th March 2021

How to Use Google My Business to Get Found on the Virtual High Street

Category:  Inbound Marketing
Date:         25th February 2021

3 Simple Steps to Attract More High Quality Inbound Leads

Category:  Inbound Marketing
Date:         14th January 2021

Your Marketing Plan for Any Eventuality in 2021

Category:  Marketing Plan
Date:         9th December 2020

Key Financial Numbers for Business Success

Category:  Financial KPI’s
Date:  19th November 2020

The Essential 7 C’s To Be The Best Leader Through Lockdown 2.0

Category:  Leadership
Date:         5th November 2020

How To Reach The Right People and Use PR to Boost Your Audience

Category:  Marketing, PR
Date:  10th October 2020

How To Adapt Your Sales Process for a Recession

Category:  Sales Strategy
Date:         21st September 2020

Five  Ways  to  Increase  Your  Profits

Category:  Business Strategy
Date:         6th August 2020

How to Re-Engage Your Team and Get Ready for Unlock

Category:  Leadership, Team Building
Date:         20th May 2020