Client satisfaction survey results 

Don’t just take our word for it! Choosing a business growth specialist that is right for you can be difficult, but you can be assured that we take your satisfaction seriously – it’s a core part of the service we provide.

To make sure we remain the world’s number one business growth service provider, we carry out a client satisfaction survey each year to find out what’s working well and what we can improve to make our service even better.

726 clients completed our most recent Client Satisfaction Survey in September 2022, conducted by independent research agency Workbuzz.

     –  98% of these clients said they would recommend ActionCOACH to a friend or business associate.

     –  98% said their Action Coach makes a positive difference to their lives.

     –  93% of clients said ActionCOACH is worth the investment.

     –  83% of clients who have used ActionCOACH for 1 or more years have seen their revenue increase.


What is a Net Promoter Score?

Clients rate their satisfaction with a business according to a 1-10 scale. For a score between 1 and 6, the business receives a -1, for 7 and 8, a 0, and for 9 and 10, a +1. These scores are then calculated to reveal an overall Net Promotor Score.

Across the UK, the average NPS for ActionCOACH is a world-class score of 79!


What better endorsement for ActionCOACH than our client’s own words. Read some of the heart-warming comments below:


Grown massively, expanded nationally, completely different ways of thinking, systemised, adopted five ways. All in all moving to a position where it is a sellable business.” – Qest

My businesses have changed dramatically, increased in profits by 400% and now practically run on their own. This means I can take on more businesses and run them in the same way.” – Merco Services

I’m made accountable to myself to set time aside to work on my business instead of constantly fighting fires. I’m regularly given actionable advice to help me grow my business and I feel much more in control than ever before.” – Ri Web

My life has changed dramatically. I’ve set personal goals for myself and my family. In the early days before my Action Coach I would never get to see school plays or go to parents evenings. Next week, I’m going to my daughter’s sports day, her golf academy day, and her school play, 3 times! I think that’s as good a recommendation as I can give”. – Leicestershire Garden Design

ActionCOACH has made a huge difference to my business since I started working with them. My coach is extremely knowledgeable and every one-on-one session produces great results in terms of clear goals for the next couple of weeks. We’ve improved the structure and systems of the business massively in the 9 months I’ve been having coaching which has been essential in helping us grow further. We now have clear long term goals and the help planning is giving us the best chance of getting there.” – Tailored Entertainment

I set a goal to buy myself a beautiful ring that I had been after for ages. A target was set for turnover, I achieved it and I bought my ring!” – New Leaf Solicitors

Since joining ActionCOACH in 2009 I have seen my business grow almost 10-fold in turnover, and close to 4000% in profitability. My team has expanded from 2 people to 21 people, and I spend 2-3 hours a day in the business instead of 16 hours in the business. ActionCOACH has been a blessing to me and to my team as it’s provided us with financial stability and freedom.” – Incredibility

My life has changed drastically. I now enjoy running my business. I used to work long hours and sometimes felt lonely, but since joining ActionCOACH, I have my coach to talk to and seek advice. I am now able to fulfil my personal goals such as buying a house and car with the profit from the business.” – RM Design Engineering

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