This interview looks at how a business coach can assist the owner to grow their business more rapidly and how to prepare for the end of lockdown.

While a consultant will do the work themselves, a coach will mentor the business owner so that they understand and they or their team can do the work repeatedly. This is a great way of combining the existing expertise with new knowledge to grow the whole.

Often the challenge for the owner is that while they are great at their area of expertise other areas such as sales and marketing or finance can be a struggle. How does it work – Lift lid and look at current state – expertise runs well but other parts less so. Strategies to drive business forward most easily.

A Business Health Check will lift the lid and review the current state to identify strategies and actions to drive the business forward most quickly and easily. During this meeting owners often have lightbulb moments on how to run their business. And then there is the realisation that if you are doing this well without these in place what is possible?

On re-opening, sales & marketing will be key. Ramp up your marketing to the right audiences with right offers as it will be critical to get a fast start. Talk to your customers, let them know when you anticipate opening, what services will be offered. Think about what your customers need, most proactive will win most business. Also get your team back onboard and motivated to go.

Lastly what is your ultimate plan for the business? Begin with end in mind: how will you retire? Will you sell your business? When and what sale value you want to achieve? Start with these in mind and we can work together to install the systems and team and deliver the revenue and profit needed to achieve this goal.