Are you keeping up with today’s changing sales environment?

Increasing your sales conversion rate is one of the cheapest and most controllable levers to accelerating your business revenues and profits. When did you last invest in honing the sales skills of yourself and your team members?

Research is showing that sales cycles are getting longer, more people are getting involved in the buying decision and purchasers are shopping around more. So, have you adapted your sales process in response?

Have you got ambitious plans for H2 of 2022 that require some punchier sales figures?

If so, book here to join us for our upcoming Sales MasterCLASS.

On Friday, 15th July we’re running a full-day Sales MasterCLASS to bring you our deep expertise in building effective sales processes.  This in-person event is designed to support business leaders and their sales teams of all sizes and types of business – whether B2B, B2C or E-commerce.

As a delegate, you’ll learn how to unlock higher sales performance by:

  • Strengthening your sales mindset
  • Building a sales process that nurtures your prospects to purchase
  • Selecting the best language to use
  • Developing your own set of killer questions
  • Honing your objection handling skills

Book now if you and your business would benefit from higher levels of sales performance and you would like to:

  • Learn best-practice and tools from a highly qualified and experienced business growth expert
  • Experience using key tools and techniques, with an expert on hand for all your questions
  • Swap insights and learnings with other line managers
  • Identify priority aspects that will make the biggest improvements to your sales success
  • All in safe, supportive learning environment.

Growing the sales capability within your business is one of the quickest unlocks to step up your business performance  – for this year and ongoing

To reserve places for you and/or your team click here, or email with any questions about this Sales MasterCLASS.

The event is being held at Bisham Abbey, Bisham on Friday 15th July, 8.30am to 4.00pm.

The investment is £150 +VAT per delegate (group discount of £500 for 4 tickets), which includes lunch, refreshments through-out the day and all materials needed in the workshop.

Friday 15th July

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

from £150+VAT

Bisham Abbey
Marlow Rd