It’s time to get ready for the next big shift in how we do business given the universal agreement that some level of home working / remote working is here to stay. As the restrictions for office working lift, it’s currently estimated that office workers will choose to work remotely on average 2-3 days a week.


Furthermore, we’ve all experienced the benefits of not having to travel to in-person meetings – saving ourselves  time, expense and the ease of having everything to hand where you are. Indeed, many business are now trading across a much broader geography than before, which makes going back to in person meetings totally impractical.


The upshot of this hybrid working has to be hybrid meetings – where you have some people attending in person and some people attending by video.


  • Team meetings – some in the office, some remote
  • Client meetings – you and your team in your office,  your client and their team in theirs
  • Sales meetings – your sales manager video calling into the prospects gathered in a room.

Yet these hybrid meetings are the most difficult to facilitate. Who remembers the days of conference calls with a gaggle of people in the meeting room and one or two left dangling on the speaker phone, barely able to get a word in?



  • How do you get everyone’s contributions?
  • How can you quickly make decisions with input from all?
  • How to keep everyone on the same page?
  • How to keep control of the agenda?
  • What if as the leader, you’re the one who is remote?


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How will you choose to experience this?

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Tuesday 10th August

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