This sales workshop is run by award winning business coach, Helen Pethybridge to allow you to focus on sorting your sales process under her expert guidance.

Do you find yourself going through a ‘peaks and troughs’ sales cycle – you’re either too busy, or there’s not enough leads. And when you need more sales – the pipeline’s empty and reviving it is rather a hit-or-miss experience?

Helen has found from talking to many local business owners, this is actually quite familiar story. So we’re delighted she’ll be sharing with you the techniques to get out of this cycle and create a bespoke sales process that works for YOUR business – predictably…

By looking at your sales activity in a new light, you can build confidence in your future revenue stream.

Who is this sales workshop aimed at?

This sales workshop is aimed at all business owners and leaders who are wanting to take the luck out of their sales strategy and build a more reliable approach. As with all ActionCOACH workshops, the approaches you will learn work equally well whether your business is large or small, in services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality – or any other sector!

How will members benefit from attending?

By attending this sales workshop, you’ll learn all about our predictable sales process:

  • How to take leads from being a prospect to a paying customer
  • How to move through the all essential Know/Like/Trust journey with your hot leads
  • How to keep the pipeline flowing consistently
  • Build your own robust, order winning sales process.

If having a robust flow of new clients would take your business to the next level, then this is the workshop for you!

And if you’re still wondering about making the time investment, here is some feedback from delegates at Helen’s previous BBF member to member workshops: ‘interactive session’, ‘great insights and key tools to use’, ‘informative’, and ‘I will be implementing several new ideas’.

Wednesday 26th May

9:00 am - 11:30 am

from £30+VAT