Have you felt the goal posts shift recently in your business?

Do you need to attract more business, but the old ways aren’t working anymore?

Have the current external factors required you to change your offering, but your marketing hasn’t kept up?

Or maybe the natural incoming flow of leads has dried up, and it’s time to get proactive?

Taking a strategic look at your marketing at least once a year is vitally important to maximise the effectiveness of all your business development activities. And we know that Marketing can be a hungry monster when it comes to your time and money resources!

When did you last dedicate some quality time to a proper review?

  • Is it time to refresh Your marketing thinking?
  • Do your Marketing / Business Development team need an opportunity to refresh, reflection and learn to improve their effectiveness?

If so, Book Here

On Friday, 20th  Maywe’re running a full-day Marketing Masterclass to bring you our deep expertise in building an effective marketing strategy.  This is designed to support leaders and marketers of all sizes and types of SME business. As a delegate, you’ll learn how to unlock improved lead flow as we explore the following questions:

  1. Are you clear on your Niche? (and yes, EVERY business has a uniqueness for it’s target audience)
  2. Have you got the right balance of Hunting vs Farming strategies?
  3. Is your content optimally balanced?
  4. Are you leveraging the quick win strategies?
  5. Are you social on your media?
  6. And critically, do you know that it’s all actually working?

Book now if you and your business would benefit from driving higher levels of leads coming into your business and you would like to:

  • Learn & refresh best-practice strategies appropriate to your business
  • Experience using key tools and techniques, with an expert on hand for all your questions
  • Swap insights and learnings with other SME leaders and marketers
  • Identify priority aspects that will make the biggest improvements in your marketing
  • All in safe, supportive learning environment.

Creating, driving and measuring marketing strategies is essential to unlocking business growth. So join us at the Marketing MasterCLASS to dedicate some quality time to building up your business.


Tickets £150 + VAT

4 Tickets £500 + VAT     (multiple tickets for the same event or for all four 2022 MasterCLASSES)

Other 2022 MasterCLASSES:

  • Sales       15th July
  • Finance  4th November

Friday 20th May

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

from £150+VAT

Bisham Abbey Conference Centre
Marlow Road