It’s one thing to go into lockdown with just a few days notice, and quite another to get it going again afterwards…

Remember how it takes a couple of days to get back up to speed after your summer hols – and multiply this by 6! And for everyone at the same time! And the business has changed massively since they went on Furlough, or working from home…

Central to your plan on restarting and/or accelerating your business now lockdown is lifting is your plan for your team ‘re-onboarding’.

This has been a stressful, challenging time for many people – balancing working from home with home schooling; balancing reduced furlough salaries with family demands. There’s been time for reflection, time to build skills or no time at all… As their leader, you now need to pull the team together, re-group and re-energise ready to serve potentially demanding clients, who have been necessarily denied access to your products and services for the past number of weeks.

If this feels like unknown territory for you, rest assured, you’re not alone. Join us for this practical webinar where we’ll set out some priorities for you to consider and work through.

Who is this event aimed at?

This event is aimed at leaders of teams who have been working remotely or on furlough and need them to be back on top of their game in order to maximise the business opportunity post COVID-19. The approaches you will learn at this webinar work equally well whether your team is 5 or 50, in services, manufacturing, retail, – or any other sector!

How will members benefit from attending?

By attending this workshop, you’ll learn 

  • What are the key steps to plan for in getting your team ready to ‘re-start’
  • What are the key drivers of employee engagement and how they may have been impacted with recent events
  • Your critical role and responsibilities, as the leader of your team

And if you’re still wondering about making the time investment, here is some feedback from delegates at our recent webinars: ‘interactive session’, ‘great insights and key tools to use’, ‘informative’, and ‘I will be implementing several new ideas’.

Thursday 9th July

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm