As we are starting to get back to work, is your business prepared and ready to help – those who prepare will come out as winners!

Now the government has given us the outline of a roadmap to take the country out of lockdown. So much is changing, so quickly at the moment – and will continue to do so – as businesses re-emerge, consumers re-adjust and the experts constantly review the impact on the R-rate.

As more people are preparing or starting to get back to work, what does this mean for your clients and suppliers?

Is your business ready to help your customers get back towards some sense of normal?

Those who prepare and adapt best, will be the ones who come out as winners!

This is all about being proactive, rather than reactive…

You need to move your business forwards with purposeful ACTION! Apply appropriate marketing, get your business operations ready for this first phase of COVID-19 recovery, prepare you team, etc.

To make sure you have a comprehensive plan, join us for our next virtual 90 day planning workshop on Friday 14th August at 9.00am

This is a practical group workshop on Zoom where I will support you to stop and think about the needs in the near future, make a robust plan of actions for your business, to make the next quarter as successful as possible for you.

It is so important to have a considered plan of action at this time, so I am offering this workshop FREE of CHARGE to those that need it. .

  • If your business can sustain a nominal fee of £50 + VAT then please select the £50 ticket.
  • If your business has had to ‘hibernate’ due to COVID-19, and financials are tight, then please select the FREE ticket.

Whichever route you choose, there is no excuse for not having a plan!!

This is your opportunity to take time out to work ON your business and make a clear plan for all aspects of your business as the UK economy starts to unlock.

We’re here to support you and all our local businesses get passed lockdown, and out again the other side…

Keep safe and Keep planning!

Friday 14th August

9:00 am - 11:30 am

from £50+VAT